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  • It's Tool Time!

    Merlene Paynter
    It's Tool Time!
    Over the past 25+ years of knitting I've used needles and tools of all types, from inex...
  • Knitting Aspirations

    Merlene Paynter
    Knit Aspirations
      Knitspirations? If you're anything like me, you have a long list of knitting patterns...
  • Colour and Mood

    Merlene Paynter
    Colour and Mood
      I absolutely love colour. From the subtle pinks of a rose to the deep blues of the oc...
  • Battling the Perfectionist Gene

    Merlene Paynter
    Done is better than perfect

    I was born with the perfectionist gene, but my new mantra is Done is Better than Perfect. And so,...